Just Yarny Things

Just Yarny Things

Pink piggy

Pink Piggy has a general distaste for the outdoors. He prefers to stay inside in the yarn box free from danger and sharp objects. His look of wide eyed terror stems from his constant fear that someone is ALWAYS behind him. Media: Yarn, googly eyes, batting

White fluffy kitty

White Fluffy Kitty just realized she’s not a real cat and probably won’t be catching any fish today. Things get deep for White Fluffy Kitty as she ponders this and questions her entire existence. Media: Yarn, googly eyes, batting

Little Hoohoos

These little owls we’re my first animal/thing to crochet. Their look of paralyzed fright is most likely from a beginners go at trying to crochet a round little ball. Tight stitching, undoing, and forcing yarn to do weird things has got to be uncomfortable, and a little scary. Media: Yarn, googly eyes, batting